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Check out this amazing Medusa headpiece! Creepy cool!


Swing on in to the Gonzaga Jepson shop & step into the 20's! Nice job Ladies & Gents!

Happy Halloween! We are giving a $50.00 hammer card..........
Starting tomorrow on Halloween snap a photo of your favorite THCR barista's costume & post it here by 8pm Halloween Night. You'll be entered into a random drawing for a $50 Hammer Card! Cheers! Just snap their pic and post, how simple is that? Word is many of them are dressing we will give the barista or store with the best costume a little treat as well.

Airpot army reporting for duty. And yes we take great care to retrieve, scour, clean and repair our customers and our stores airpots. A small but vital task.

Now in all locations, the new 16oz. THCR reusable cup just 2 bucks! Once in your grip you receive 25 cents off your drinks.....until it wears out. Now that is a serious ()$&! deal. Cheers.

Goodbye condiment bar.

Out come the counter work.

Reminder.....tomorrow Monday the 20th the downtown Chase building location is under remodel. We are still making drinks (in the smallest coffee shop on the West Coast) must enter through the Wall St. inside entrance for a couple of weeks. A new store is coming!

The Chief is returning from Coffee Fest in Portland with a hint of what's to come in the next week.....Cheers.

image of tumblers
Fill your Hammer tumbler and save 25ยข on an espresso drink each visit.

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